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    Actrices Françaises Nues

    Charlotte Gainsbourg is nude in the movie “True Crimes” which was released in 2016. She has demonstrated bare boobs, butt and full frontal nudity in this clip. Also you can see sex scene with Charlotte.

    My Wife Is an Actress (Ma Femme Est une Actrice) stars Charlotte Gainsbourg--ex-child star, daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, beautiful and accomplished actress--alongside her real-life husband Yvan Attal, who also directs. Attal is a humble sports journalist married to a famous international star (played by Gainsbourg) and uncomfortable with her celebrity. His first film as a director plays knowingly with off-screen reality: the two leads even use their own names, Charlotte and Yvan, for the characters they play. In the film, Charlotte goes to London to appear in a romantic drama opposite British movie icon John (Terence Stamp, sending himself up with some luvvie-ish posturing). Left at home, Yvan torments himself with thoughts of his wife playing sex scenes with John and his jealousy puts their marriage at risk. His visits to her on the set in London only make things worse. There's scope here for some good comedy, as well as an interesting exploration of how, in an actor's life, reality and artifice can snarl each other up. But Attal, who also scripted, makes his characters so shallow and two-dimensional that it's hard to believe in them, let alone care about them.

    Carole Bouquet in nude scene from Tag der Idioten which was released in 1981. She shows us her tits, butt and bush including full frontal nudity.

    Cecile De France and Flore Bonaventura can be both seen nude in this clip showing hot and sexy bodies of their and their assets being viewed by the many of the said onscreen viewers and subscribers. The clip started with Cecile De France going with her male partner in the street while she can be seen doing urine in the road while going home. Cecile De France showed her boobs in the clip where as he female partner showed much more things then her. Flore Bonaventura in the clip is seen getting fucked and she showed her boobs and her ass to while opening her clothes and getting nude and we also got to see some hot and lip smacking lesbian action in the clip also making us go wow. The clip has been taken from the movie named Chinese Puzzle which got released in the year 2013. She showed her beautiful body and sexy boobs while her partner also showed the same named Cecile De France and Flore Bonaventura in the movie. Cecile De France nude, Flore Bonaventura nude - Chinese Puzzle (2013)

    Brigitte Fossey Nue dans Enigma (1983) Brigitte Fossey is playing nude in the movie “Enigma” which was released in 1983. She demonstrates naked tits, bush, ass and full frontal nudity here.

    Brigitte Fossey Nue dans Calmos (1976) Brigitte Fossey in nude scene from Calmos which was released in 1976. She shows us her tits, and bush.Also Sylvie Matton naked in Calmos. We can see explicit scene with her. So Sylvie Matton is not shy and she demonstrating her boobs, bush and even full frontal nudity.

    Béatrice Dalle Nue dans 37°2 le matin (1986) Beatrice Dalle in nude scene from Betty Blue which was released in 1986. She shows us her tits, butt and bush including full frontal nudity in explicit sex scene.

    Béatrice Dalle Nue dans Trouble Every Day (2001)Beatrice Dalle in nude scene from Trouble Every Day which was released in 2001. She shows us her tits, and bush in sex scene.

    Julie Gayet Nue dans Elles et moi s01e01-02 (2008) Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Julie Gayet have nude moments in the show “Elles et moi” season 1 episodes 1-2 which were released in 2008. The actresses are demonstrating naked breasts here. Also we can see several erotic and sex scenes with the girls.

    Catherine Alric Nue dans T'empeches tout le monde de dormir (1982) In the movie "T'empeches tout le monde de dormir", Catherine Alric demonstrated herself in boobs scene. In this scene she shows naked boobs here.

    Stacy Martin Nue dans Nymphomaniac 2013 Stacy Martin in nude scene from Nymphomaniac which was released in 2013. She shows us her tits, butt and bush including full frontal nudity in sex scene.

    Emmanuelle Devos Nue dans Amin (2018) Emmanuelle Devos has a nude scene in the movie “Amin” which was released in 2018. The actress is demonstrating natural boobs in that clip. Also we can see oral sex (cunilingus) with Emmanuelle Devos.

    Stacy Martin Nue dans Amanda (2018) Stacy Martin has a nude moment in the drama film “Amanda” which was released in 2018. Stacy Martin has shown nude tits while she is having sex.

    Juliette Binoche Nue dans Un Beau Soleil Interieur (2017) Juliette Binoche has a nude scene in Un Beau Soleil Interieur (2017). The actress demonstrates her naked boobs and butt during sex scene.

    Les actrices françaises sont réputées pour de pas être spécialiement pudiques, c’est ainsi que de très grandes actrices n’ont pas hésité à se dénuder pour les besoins de films même dans les années 1960, comme Brigitte Bardot par exemple ou encore Catherine Deneuve.

    Actrices françaises nues

    Néanmoins, lorsqu’on parle d’actrice française nue, on pense souvent à des actrices qui ont pris l’habitude d’apparaitre complètement nue à l’écran dans quasiment tous leurs films, on pense notamment à Emmanuelle Béart dans des films comme Manon des sources ou La Belle Noiseuse ou de Sophie Marceau qui lorsqu’elle était jeune, n’avait aucune gène à apparaître complètement à poil sur les plateaux de cinéma.

    Il s’agissait aussi d’une période d’émancipation pour les femmes, mais la société actuelle est en train de devenir de plus en plus puritaine un peu comme aux États Unis. Les nouvelles actrices françaises qui se dévoilent au cinéma.

    On voit bien que le magazine Lui, n’a plus les mêmes libertés qu’il avait dans les années 1970, et les photos vraiment osées se font très rares, c’est un peu la même chose au cinéma. Néanmoins, certaines femmes sont tout de même des habituées des scènes coquines et font partie des actrices françaises nue qui apparaissent le plus souvent dans le plus simple appareil. On pense notamment à la sublime Vahina Giocante, l’ancienne miss météo de Canal + Louise Bourgoin, ou encore de la très jolie Joy Esther que l’on retrouve dans la série Nos chers voisins qui cartonnent actuellement.

    On a donc pas à s’inquiéter vraiment, il y aura toujours des actrices française nue à regarder dans les films, en espérant néanmoins que la censure ne devienne pas omniprésente.

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